The backdrop on my phone is of London where Big Ben is.  That’s not the only thing that’s making me feel really nostalgic about England.  A girl in my Italian class did a presentation and showed pictures of England from her art study abroad.  My leftover pounds and bills are sitting by my bedroom door.  My “Mind the Gap” tee shirt.  My red phonebooth keychain.  Seeing pictures on Flickr (like the one above).  And just memories of wandering down the short streets and absorbing everything I could while I was there…

I miss everything about that wonderful country… the food, the people, the history, the hustle and bustle of London, and the quaint country feel of Stratford-Upon-Avon, and of course the small college town of Cambridge. 

I wonder what Christmas is like there.  It seems so glamorized in movies like Love, Actually and the Holiday.  But from what I’ve already seen of the country, it seems like those movies stick pretty true to how it is.  How wonderful would it be to spend a winter in England?  House swap, anybody?

I intent if not insist on going back someday. At this point, I would not mind living there. It is expensive but I loved it so much it’d be worth it.


After much anxiety and nail-biting, the three essays I wrote for Cambridge have found their way back to me!  Can you say psych?!

I had no idea what to expect on these papers because, well… this is Cambridge, one of the most prestigious colleges in the world.  I’ve always been confident in my writing abilities but I had no idea how my work would play with the big dogs. 

So I grabbed my essays, and could barely make it up the stairs before dying to find out what scores graced my pages.  The first one I picked up was the one for my Lives of Romantics class, my William Blake paper.  The comments were quite praising and the number below- 62%!  This may look like a bad score to Americans, but the Cambridge grading system is different.  62 percent in Cambridge is borderline B+/A- in Cambridge!  It’s an upper-second score!

Relief (and excitement!) swept over me as I picked up my next one which was on Alice in Wonderland for my Children in Literature course.  Not as good with a 50% which is like a C.  But still passing!  I actually did the most planning for this paper in comparison to the other two, so I’m a little surprised it’s this low. But that’s ok! Any who…

The last essay was the one for my 20th Century Plays/Playwrights on Tom Stoppard.  The essay that I nearly didn’t finish let alone turn in because my laptop died on the plane ride (and it was due a half hour after landing).  Plus it was written during my week in Ireland so I worried about it not being as good because of distractions… but guess what? 63% = A-! My best essay of the three? Surprising? You bet your A. 

About an hour after I reveled in my grades, I realized that these were grades based on Cambridge standards which are higher than average… And I did a little jig.  To think, I am completely capable of rolling with the big dogs of Cambridge University!  Isn’t that just perfectly thrilling?  Well, I certainly think so 🙂

Well, my lunch break is over but I had to blog this huge achievement!

For the week after the Cambridge before my flight back home, I decided to jet on over to Ireland.  Oh my holy beautiful!  Yes, it is very green and very gorgeous.  There was some drama with my bags being too heavy thus shipping a big box home was a challenge at the airport.  Besides that, smooth sailing on over.

Upon getting into a taxi, the driver basically became like my best friend.  He told me what I need to see and what he recommended for eating and drinking in Dublin.  He warned me to stay away from Temple Bar because their prices were insanely high.  He dropped me off at the Arlington Hotel which happens to be directly next to Temple Bar.  I had two whole beds to myself!  Haha… It was a struggle getting the internet, but besides that it was pretty nice.

And of course, my first meal in Ireland is a total American standby: cheeseburger, oreo milkshake, and cheese fries at the Johnny Rockets down the street. I just needed a burger, if you know what I mean!  As far as food went in Ireland, I really didn’t try a lot of Irish food mostly because of the fact that I don’t do sausage or anything along those lines.  It was the drinks that I more had fun with… But more on that later!

Walking around Dublin, I was amazed at how many musicians there were just sitting around and playing! And most of them were really really good… my favorite group was one on Grafton Street that was playing “Come Together.”

My first night I did a Literary Pub walk that was hosted by two actors who were utterly hilarious and had a really good chemistry together as they performed skits from some of Irelands most famous writers.  We hit up three pubs after walking through Trinity college.  Pretty much, I sobered up really quick initially because the drinks were bloody expensive!  Like over 4 euros at least! It was insane… So I didn’t drink anything at the pubs we went to on the walk, but I did meet a few people who I ran into later that night and so we got drinks together.  I was treated to a screwdriver, which turned out to be quite good! Before bumping into them, I went back to the pub the walk started at: the Duke.  I sat at the bar and ended up chatting it up with the cute girl next to me, Nadine who recommended Guinness with a touch of black currant in it.  I will forever be in her debt–best drink ever!  First time I tried Guinness in Ireland and it was wonderfully tainted with it… Just amazing!  That night I went back to my room and crashed… I had not slept that well in Cambridge, I remember thinking the next morning.

My first day trip out of Dublin was to Limerick, Cliffs of Moher, Burren and Galway Bay.  We met at the train station, had a very scenic two hour ride before arriving in Limerick where we all boarded a bus and had a bus tour around the city.  Had lunch at a pub in Limerick where you could see the Eireann Islands if you climbed the stone walls lining the road.  Then it was off to the Cliffs… Absolutely stunning!  I had an utter blast trekking my way up the cliffs’ backside then leaning over the edge just thinking, “It’s a long way down!”  There was also a woman playing an irish harp and singing near the Cliffs who had a stunning voice: Tina Mulrooney.  After the Cliffs of Moher, we went to the Burren, which was a limestone jubilee… I guess the rock was eroded a certain way so the cracks that plague the limestone all look the same.  The flowers poking out between the rocks were pretty too. We only spent a few minutes here.  Then onto Galway!  I had to buy an Irish Claddagh ring for myself–that was the ultimate memento to have from here.  The one I ended up buying was yellow gold with tiny diamonds lining the heart with an emerald smack in the middle of them.  Very expensive but very worth it… I swear it was love at first sight!  We got back to Dublin pretty late so I decided to stop at the oldest pub in Dublin that one of the girls recommended on the tour: Brazenhead.  Really good food there… and it was just a chill place with music in the front room and a stone entryway where people could sit.  Then sleep time!

The next day was Newgrange and Monasterboice… Took a little bit to get to Newgrange, but again, no complaints here because seeing Ireland flash by the windows was still very cool.  Newgrange was wickedly sweet!  I learned a lot from the tour guide about how the people could have possibly constructed it and how it had been made in such a way that it could stay standing and withstand the test of thousands of years.  When they turned out the lights and did a “sunlight demonstration” of how the sunlight would create a single line of light across the floor at the Winter Solstice, my jaw dropped. It was sooo cool! Imagine being there when winter solstice was actually happening!  So I put my name in for the Winter Solstice drawing! 3 times!  After that, it was off to Monasterboice which I didn’t have a clue what it was beforehand.  It is an old cemetery where families have been buried for hundreds of years.  I meandered through the gravestones with the guy who I sat next to on the bus, Mike (who turned out to be totally chill despite his intimidating muscles).  We wanted to try and find the oldest gravestone there… the oldest dated one we could actually read was dated back to the 1600s. It was pretty awesome!  What was cooler is that it was one of the more well preserved headstones as well… Back on the bus, Mike introduced me to his buddies he was traveling with and we ended up going to the Duke pub for dinner together!  I had such a blast with them!  We swapped numbers since we were all staying in Dublin so we could meet up later that night after my next planned adventure.

Now probably for one of the highlights of my entire Ireland trip, the Irish Music Pub Crawl.  It was hosted by two Irish musicians who played traditional Irish music for us all night at four different pubs.  It was so much fun!  One played an accordian looking thing and the other played the guitar and sung.  I got to talk to them while we walked around the city and I ended up telling them that I was a musician myself.  They both told me that I should sing for them later when they called for people on the walk to come entertain.  I got nervous!  I never get nervous!  So I got a drink at the next pub (Ha’Penny), a favorite from Cambridge, Koppaberg cider. HMMMM! I love that stuff. That calmed me down a little… So I ended up singing How Do I Live for everyone when no one else volunteered to “entertain”.  When I finished, one of the tour guides said, “We forgot one rule: don’t show up the professionals!”  I couldn’t help but laugh. It was a really good time and the musicians rocked my socks (they loved me and I loved them too!).  But after I sang, no one else had the balls to stand up and entertain us, saying “Who wants to follow that?”  I felt bad but I still had fun!

After the pub crawl, I met up with the guys I’d met earlier in the day back at the Ha’Penny and had another Guinness garnished with black currant (you really don’t understand how good it is!).  I had a little bit of a blonde moment… When I had been there earlier in the night, the bathrooms had been upstairs.  So when Mike got up to use the restroom, I followed him through the door without paying attention to what was written on the door (not very legibly, mind you) and quickly realized I had walked straight into the mens room. Yes, mortifying but totally hilarious!  My new buddies laughed with me for a few minutes before I decided to go get some food.  We tried to meet back at my favorite pub, Gogarty’s, then Mike and I lost the other four.  They decided to bail and go back to the hotel.  Mike and I chilled listening to Irish music, danced a little, and drank a little more. Then we said ta-ta as we went different directions and I headed back to my hotel.  That night, I remember going back to my hotel and seeing the Irish dancers putting on quite a show!  What a fascinating thing to watch with their feet and legs flying like that!

The next morning, I made the twenty minute walk back to the train station to for my day trip to Blarney Castle and Cork.  Blarney Castle was first… it was pretty cool! After much deliberation, I decided to kiss the grimy stone that millions of peoples peepers have pecked before (and word is, soldiers peed on as well).  I got a picture 🙂  I can say that I actually did it!  I made friends with two more guys (Chris and Diego) on this trip and we walked around the Rock Garden or something like that and then we took the path around the lake to see the lake but didn’t end up seeing any of the lake until the very end which was kinda disappointing. But its ok!  Still cool! Then we had some lunch and boarded the bus for Cobh (pronounced Cove).  First we hit the chapel that was there… it was stunning!  We visited the Queenstown museum thingie that had details on the emigration of Irish people to America during the famine and also how it was the last docking point of Titanic (which of course made me really excited!).  Then back to the train station for the way long train ride back where I sat with Chris and Diego where we talked and slept until we got back.  I then took them to the Brazenhead for dinner which we all quite enjoyed.  We went to Gogarty’s after, where I ran into my Irish Music pub tour guide who told me he thinks I will go far and he gave me a free copy of the Gogarty’s Irish music CD.  I quite liked him!  I met a couple more of the musicians… one was totally cute, but he had a ring on his left hand. Bummer!  Oh well!  Then Chris, Diego and I wandered a little checking out a couple more pubs. Me being me, I headed back to Gogarty’s one more time before calling it quits for the night.

The next day was the only day I didn’t have a day trip planned out of Dublin, so I was going to use the day to actually see Dublin!  I slept in a little after the exhausting week.  Then I woke up and headed to St. Patricks Cathedral of which I got some amazing pictures!  I wanted to see Christ’s Church but unfortunately it was closed that day… for the filming of the Tudors!!!! Jonathan Rhys Meyers was, no joke, about fifty yards away from me!  Besides being pissed at not being able to see the church, it was still pretty wicked to briefly see a tv show filming! After that, I headed off to the Guinness Storehouse Factory.  It was so neat seeing the history and how they make Guinness… that and it was niceto get a free Guinness when the tour was done.  No lie, it was sunny when I was enjoying my Guinness (free of black currant… but still tasty!).  By the time I went downstairs to leave, it was pouring buckets.  It was weird… and I didn’t have a jacket.  After that, I figured that I should probably work on my essay that was due the next day.  Haha!  It’s incredibly hard to sit and write a paper when there is so much to see and do in a new place… like insanely difficult.  That night, I met up with Chris and Diego for a while before they left on a huge pub and bar walk.  Then it was back to the Brazenhead with Mike and his buddies for drinks.  It was with much sadness as I said good bye so I could pull an all-nighter to finish my essay and pack before my flight back to London in the morning.

Yeah, not so easily done. Stayed up all night worked on my essay, packed, got a taxi and headed to the airport only to discover my mom had booked my flight for 8:15… PM!  Not AM, so I spent an extra 300 bucks to rebook my flight for something sooner.  Not fun or happy about that. I tried to catch an hour of sleep on that short flight so I could manage to stay awake in London and on my flight from London to Minneapolis.  Landing in London, I searched the entire airport for an outlet and an area that had internet connection… yeah not so easy.  I found an internet connection but no outlet so I finally gave up on the internet part and decided to go to my gate and charge my laptop while I tried to write my essay (which would be due a half hour after landing in Minneapolis).  On the flight, I wrote my essay and was pretty close to being done when… wait for it… my laptop DIED on me!  So what the heck was I supposed to do for the next three hours that could help?  I marked a few passages I wanted for sure to include in the last bit of my paper and ran through in my mind what I needed to write.  Then I watched Sunshine Cleaning… and 17 Again… then we landed.  I booked it out of the plane and grabbed my luggage and tried to get through customs as fast as I could so I could finish my paper and hopefully have some sort of internet connection along with an outlet for powering my laptop.  Five minutes before it’s too late, I hit the submit button.  Yeah, drama… I was in definite need of a Guinness at that point.

Let me tell you when I went out to dinner that night with some family friends that lived in Minneapolis, I was very disappointed when I couldn’t have a drink especially after a hellish day.  Pretty sure the harsh reality that the UK has ten times better food in general became apparent quickly as well… That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy my dinner, I did it was pretty good but just nowhere near as good what I had over the pond.  I was certainly spoiled over there!  But I crashed at 10 PM so my jet lag coming home was very very minimal.  Maybe the all-nighter had an extra benefit I hadn’t forseen…

Sorry so long, but I wanted a full account of this! If you stuck around and read the entire thing, I give you props for not having a life 😛 Haha, totally playing with you… Because this took me an hour and a half to type.  So who has a life now??? If you would believe this, I wrote this all from memory nearly a month after. I’m kind of surprised I can remember this much!  That just tells you how much fun I had and how I really don’t want to forget it 🙂

The link for the Ireland pics is in the sidebar if you want to check it out! Nearly 200 photos!


PS: Guinness is nowhere near as good in America as it is in Ireland… just thought I’d throw that out there!

I recently discovered that a friend from Cambridge wrote and recited a poem at the closing dinner at Harvey court.  Leaving early from Cambridge, I did not go to the closing dinner at Newnham.  I had gone to the closing dinner for Term 1 and that seemed to be enough for me.  But I thought I would share Terry’s poem here… Please enjoy as much as I did!


Tomorrow, we begin another course.
It is for those with keen minds and ardent hearts.
It is the course for which we have been searching.
The course already has begun
So we must waste no time in joining it.

When the course began I do not know,
But it was long ago, so long ago.
When it ends I do not know:
Soon perhaps for some of us,
Years and years from now for some of us.
But all of us will leave the course in time
So other students with keen minds
And ardent hearts may learn the lessons.

The course is at a university far older
Even than this one we love. It, too, is by a river
Old and deep with half-remembered names:
Chronos, Cosmos, Chaos.

The course has many teachers,
Misfits, mystics, saints and story tellers,
Scientists and cosmic geniuses.
They, like us, will join the course
For just a time. They will teach us
All we hope to know:
How to make a sword so keen and true
It draws no blood,
How to make a poem so deep and true
It breaks your heart and gives you hope,
How to craft a play so wide and true
It is both tragedy and comedy,
How to build a city just and true
So all can call it home.

Are you ready for that course,
That older university,
Those other teachers wise and wild?
Are you ready now to say farewell to Cambridge,
To its courts so old and green,
To sleepy Granta with its willow boughs
As graceful as a slender girl whose hand
Trails in the water from the sturdy punt?

I know it is not easy, how you long to stay
Another term, another season.
But that other course for which you searched
So long is waiting for you, waiting for
Your mind so keen, your heart so ardent.

Eat good Cambridge food tonight and drink
The claret deep and red. Share again the jest
And witty observation. Show in your eyes
The love and admiration you have harbored for
The man or woman at your side.

Tomorrow morning we set out
For that older, vaster, wilder university.
You will love the course it has to offer.
Don’t delay. Already it has started.

Terry Grundy
14 August 2009

Just lovely, Terry!  Thank you so much for getting everyone involved in meeting each other in Term 2 and being such a great companion through our Cambridge adventures. 🙂

Up next, though horribly late, will be my adventures in Ireland.

Ok… one week left of Cambridge term 2.  What the hey?  I’m just barely getting used to the new people and friends that I have met and the classes that I’m taking.  To think I’m almost done kind of scares me! 

Sorry, I haven’t been updating… My only excuse is that I’ve been having too much fun seeing things, going to class, writing essays, and hanging with friends with the little time I have left here.  I’m actually writing this while waiting for a friend to finish reading something for a half hour.  We decided to help the linguistics department with a thesis they are working on. 

I can’t even remember the last thing I posted here! That’s quite sad… I think it was last weekend. 

Term two has been very fun.  Unlike term 1, where you had to just attend classes and expect to meet friends via them and the lectures, term 2 has had a couple people who arranged large get togethers so everyone can meet and greet!  It’s been amazing!  I’ve made some really incredible friends (not just in term 2, but still) in just one week.  And my classes this time are quite good. My first, Short Story, is very interesting. We read short stories and discuss them in class.  It is not unlike my classes at the U, so it’s not too bad.  My third class is History Everywhere: Landscapes of England.  Won’t lie–it’s really boring.  Not at all what I expected. Cool professor but the subject matter is snore-worthy.  But we did go on a walk through Cambridge on Friday so he could show us the different landscapes of the city. 

Now my third class, Key 20th Century Plays and Playrights.  Hands down, my favorite course all summer!  The professor is seriously darling, and he’s been a director and actor for much of his life while also teaching.  He’s so enthusiastic!  We get to read from play scripts and watch clips of plays of the playrights we study.  I’ve yet to have a boring class with him!  This is the only class I’m writing an essay for. Still trying to decide which playright to assess… it’s a toss up between Alan Ayckburn and Harold Pinter.  We’re discussing Pinter tomorrow so maybe that will help me decide! 

Over the weekend, I went to Stratford Upon Avon once again and saw Shakespeare’s As You Like It. And I must say it was monumentally better than Julius Caesar!  The seats I had this time around were much better and the show was much more engaging.  Saw Mary Warden’s farm and that was quite cool, then I saw Shakespeare’s grave.  All in all a good excursion!  Unlike Warwick on Sunday.  I was sorely disappointed.  It has been said that Warwick is the most medieval castle in England.  Yeah, I’m sure it was a millenia ago!  Any history that that castle used to have seemed to be completely stripped from it.  It was basically like a castle disney land kind of thing.  A kiddie play ground castle.  From what I saw of the shows, they weren’t half bad.  I quite liked the trebuchet and eagle demonstrations!  The castle could have been stunning if it weren’t dripping with commercialism.  I want to see a real, honest to God castle that is still true to it’s roots and hasn’t been turned into a theme park.

I’ve also been planning my trip to Ireland!  Now I finally feel like I know what I want to do… Should be a fun trip!  Going to London on Friday and staying until Sunday morning when I fly out for Eire… I missed out on the British Library so I’m dying to see it. I may do another London walk as well as a send off and since I love them so much!  Then I got invited to dinner by a friend from term 2 whose going to London as well for Saturday night. Yay for friends!

I have a feeling my friend will be done here (same one that invited me to dinner) in a minute so I should probably wrap this up. 


Yes… it’s true and very sad. Term 1 ended yesterday.  Most of my friends that I made are either on their way home or doing some traveling before going home.  On the upside, that means I won’t be distracted by friends inviting me places so I can finish my essays.

Although yesterday, I didn’t do my essays like I should have.  I realized that I had seen hardly anything in Cambridge!  Sure, I’d seen much of the city and the Kings Chapel but that was about it.  So yesterday, I visited the Fitzwilliam and Sedgwick Earth Science museums, Wren Library (Oh my holy! So stunning… I wanted to actually touch the books that were in the roped-off book cases), Kettle’s Yard, swung back around and had lunch at a mexican restaurant I’ve been wanting to try (too much salsa, but it was good), walked around to the park behind it and had a little nap before hitting the mall before going back to my college.

I have a couple new favorite stores: Jane Norman and All Saints.  Their clothes are so cute!  A little expensive, but it’s the good quality stuff.  Bought an adorable jacket, a mini-dress, and a tee shirt.  Also got a new pair of sunglasses at Monsoon since mine broke while I was in Oxford last weekend.  Dropped quite a bit of money, but I’m in love with what I got so it’s worth it!

After dropping off my shopping bags, I attended a choral evensong at Trinity College.  The choir was truly phenomenal… They all had the same tone and color, sounding unbelievably uniform.  Add the acoustics of the Trinity Chapel and you’re looking at a truly spectacular spectacle of choral music.  In the middle of the program, someone announced that they were the “irregular choir” made up of previous Trinity choir members who had agreed to come and sing and that the “regular choir” only sung at them during the school year.  I was floored!  From the way they sounded, the group seemed like they had sung together for years. If that’s what their irregular choir sounds like, I’d kill to hear what the real choir sounds like.  My hunt for the Trinity choir CD will commence once I finish my essays.

Did some research for my papers last night before going to bed and now I’m going to start the actual writing of the essays!  I know I should be writing them instead of this blog, but I hadn’t updated in a while so I thought I would while I remembered everything from yesterday.

Registration for Term 2 is tomorrow. Should be fun! 🙂

Oh! New pictures are posted in my Facebook. (Let me know if you can’t see the pictures by using this link in a comment)

Now is the moment… For one of my favorite adventures during my stay here in England.  The sweets… or more namely, the chocolate!  Seriously, you have no idea what good chocolate is until you try it from England.  I have heard that the chocolate in Belgium, Germany, and the like is much better… I have a feeling if I tried that chocolate, I may roll over and die in complete bliss.

During my stay in London, my life was not really sweet-filled.  Ice cream cone here and there with a Cadbury stick in it which wasn’t too bad.  Had a couple amazing desserts which contained lovely warm brownies that definitely struck my sweet-o-meter.  But it wasn’t until Cambridge when I actually ate chocolate bars.

Little sidenote- Did you know that they sell orange chocolate year-round here?  At home, you only see them around the holidays… So I really had a hay day when I discovered that orange chocolate was so available.

Onto the first bar I tried… Which happens to be one of the very best.

Divine Chocolate-
This chocolate really lives up to it’s name.  It can be found in the Newnham vending machines (oddly enough) and in the Sidgwick buttery in four flavors: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, and orange chocolate.  (I’m already drooling, ok?).  Not being a huge white or dark chocolate fan, I have mostly stuck with the orange and milk chocolate varieties.  These seriously melt in your mouth.  The chocolate is so incredibly decadent and rich but not too heavy.  Quite creamy in a sense as well.  Takes me a long time to finish these bars because I just like to have them sit in my mouth in their whole heavenliness.  The orange chocolate bar is a definite favorite.  I recruited the other Utah girls to try this bar and they agree wholeheartedly with me– some of the best chocolate ever.

Cadbury (in general) –
A little bit cheaper (not that Divine is expensive) than the nicer brands, Cadbury chocolates is still quite tasty.  Doesn’t melt as easily in your mouth as the others, but that means it can last longer. 🙂  I have found that I like dipping my Cadbury bars in peanut butter… makes it a lot better.

KitKats/Twix/Snickers –
As far as the familiar candy bars to America go, the English factor in the chocolate makes them so much better, so I’m even more ruined when I go home.  The KitKats have to be the best.  Twix now has a much more creamy flavor.  Snickers took me aback a little bit; I must confess that I prefer the snickers from home because the flavors here for Snickers are a little underwhelming with all it contains.  The Reeses here are so much better though! The peanut butter part has been a little hard, but the chocolate mixed with it is… hmmmmm so yummy!  A little more prone to the chocolate falling off or sticking to the wrapper though…

Green & Blacks –
Had this one at Winter’s Tale on last Saturday… This was probably the most “expensive” tasting of the chocolate I’ve tried, and rightly so… it was little more pricey.  But it was still very good!  The flavor was very different from the others I have tried, a bit richer I guess you could say.  Not my favorite of what I have tried here, but still better than American chocolate.

Now onto a recently discovered favorite that reaches, if not surpasses, the greatness of Divine Chocolate…

Thorntons –
While in Oxford this past weekend, I stumbled across a Thorntons shop.  I figured, “Hey! I found a new chocolate shop… let’s see if it’s any good.”  They had a bit of deal going on where there chocolate bars were a little cheaper if you bought more of them, so I had at it.  I bought two milk chocolate (it’s my favorite in general), a fudge bar, and a mint chocolate bar.  Immediately, I busted into the milk chocolate and it was sooo good! Melted in my fingers a little more than my mouth though… But I didn’t mind licking off the mess.  A little more creamy a flavor than Divine.  Very good chocolate, so I was quite excited to have found it.  However, on the way back from Oxford, I came over a little peckish and I remembered my chocolate bars I had bought.  One bite into my mint chocolate bar from Thorntons and I was in heaven.  Milk chocolate encased a mint truffle with little crunchy mint pieces, and lightly drizzled with a mint lining.  Oh my holy, I cannot even express how disappointed I was when the chocolate was gone from the wrapper.  Immediately, I began looking for a Thorntons in Cambridge, and there is one right by the market place!  So I took the Utah girls to the store to buy some more chocolate and for them to sample the amazingness that was their mint bar.  Mary sent me a message last night that said, “Holy cow girl this chocolate bar is the best thing I have ever personally eaten!”  There’s my second to my Thorntons chocolate movement.  Mandee has yet to try it, but she has said that her milk chocolate bar was really good.

Other sweets have proved to be quite tasty, including caramel bars at coffee shops, the lemon meringue pie at Copper Kettle (I think, may have to check again), any brownie and ice cream dessert, the cookies from the Sidgwick Buttery (so addicting! Luckily they are cheap.), and the hot chocolate here is so much better than at home as well.  I think I would move here just for the sweets when I get old and my health won’t matter as much…

So there you have it!  My chocolate adventures have been quite a “sweet” experience… SO yummy and I can’t wait to try more.  I may have to travel to the Europe mainland to try the chocolate there after my schooling is done. 🙂

If you know of any other English or European brands of chocolate that I have yet to try, please let me know and I’ll do my best to sample them providing I haven’t keeled over from a chocolate overdose.